Forma Temporale, installation view
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro
October 2019
Laser cutted plywood, ropes, corn, oil palm
and sugarcane leaves
250x380x160 cm ca


︎Forma Temporale
CAD technichal project
Milano, 2019

Traiettorie, installation view
Galeria Libertad, Queretaro MX
November 2017
Laser cutted plywood, ropes, found billboard
250x250x150 cm ca

︎Traiettorie installation
CAD technichal project
Milano, 2017

wall painting with artist 2501
Queretaro, MX
November 2017 

XV Classes Project
Installation view
St Jean de Luz

Reminiscence goes to Ritmo
curated by Mini Galerie, Amsterdam
Ritmo, Catania
December 2016

Due Movimenti
Mural intervention
spraypaint, starch on wall
Pordenone, 2017

          Curva #1
          curved wood, hand dyed vintage
          cotton fabric, ropes
          Magma Gallery, Bologna - 2016

Future Never Comes
curated by Lapo Simeoni
Installation view
Museo Archeologico di Grosseto

Curva #2
Curved wood, hand dyed fabric,, ropes
300x160x250 cm ca
Museo della Bonifica, Taglio di Po

Dicotomia - installation view
Wood, iron, enamel and wax
10 x 3,5 x 1,60 mt
Atipografia, Arzignano 2016